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Art Decor LED Rose Tree Light Lamp

Art Decor LED Rose Tree Light Lamp

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Art Decor LED Rose Tree Light

Powered runs on USB very convenient for you to place it wherever you want. You can also connect it to computers, laptops, power banks and other devices via USB cable.

·Using LED energy-saving lamps

·The 3D Art Decor LED Rose Tree Light Lamp is elaborately made, which will bring you a romantic atmosphere. You can place it anywhere in your home.

·Build up the exclusive rose light for you and you can bend the branches into any shape you like.

Note: All of our products are custom made by hand, so we can't make every size the same. 

The perfect gift for a loved one!


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You had a really hard day. You had a hard time at work, the clients were unbearable, and the boss was no better. On the way home, you got stuck in traffic and still had to do some shopping. Everything seems so grey. However, you enter the house and it’s filled with a warm, dim light. Cosy atmosphere, relaxation, peace... What a relief! If you’re a fan of interior design, you know very well how important the right light is in creating a warm home atmosphere. You'll certainly love this delightful rose tree lamp. Ready to spark some joy in your home?

Delightful Rose Tree Lamp - Delightful Rose Tree Lamp -


Soothing, dim light is a great way to relieve tension and relax after a hard day. This beautiful lamp will help you create a pleasant atmosphere in any room in which you place it. No matter if you want to prepare your room for a romantic date, enjoy relaxing lighting while having a bath, or maybe provide some dim light to your child who fears the darkness, this stylish night lamp will be the best choice.

Delightful Rose Tree Lamp - Soothing Dim Light -


The lamp is powered by 3 AAA batteries. It’s really convenient, especially when you want to enjoy some nice light in places that don’t have access to electricity, for example when you’re camping or organizing something in the park or garden. It's also great for those dark corners in your home where there's no wall socket close by.

You don’t have batteries on hand? Don’t worry, thanks to its special design, this lamp can be powered via USB cable as well. Just connect it to your laptop or power bank and it’s ready to go. Isn’t it convenient?

Delightful Rose Tree Lamp - Two Power Sources -


The way of arranging space and interior decoration is a very personal matter. It varies according to taste and mood. Taking this into account, we offer you four different designs of this beautiful lamp to choose from.

Are you more of a romantic person? You’ll love the roses lamp then. It will turn any room into a princess's chamber straight away. Are you rather on the minimalistic side? Then choose between the tree balls and tree buds lamp. They will fill your room with warm light without stealing all the show in your home decor. Looking for some cosy decoration to warm up long autumn evenings? Go ahead and purchase the autumn leaves lamp. Everyone will find something suitable for their home.

Delightful Rose Tree Lamp - Four Different Styles -


Made of prime-quality PP and resin, the lamp is durable and resistant to damage. Its branches have a certain level of flexibility, so you can mould them to any form that suits you best. The touch switch is accessible and easy to use. Thanks to LED technology, the lamp is energy-saving so that you can protect the environment and enjoy the beautiful light. With three batteries, it should provide over 72 h continuously lighting. Isn’t it amazing? Enjoy!

Delightful Rose Tree Lamp - High-Quality Materials -
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