Watch skeleton luxury automatic

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Hints and Tips:

1. Automatic mechanical watch always works without battery or wind-up, just by kinetic energy. If you keep it to wind up erveryday or wear it all day, then it may not stop.

2. When you first wear it, please wind the watch by turning the button on the side of the watch, until it is full.

3. By taking the button out slightly, you can adjust the time, then push back the button.

4. If you leave it still for a long time, please swing it lightly for a few minutes and wind-up by several laps. At this time, it will work normally.

5. Fully winded, the power reserve of watch can reach 36 hours.

6. If you wear it more than 10 hours per day,extra winding up will not be necessary.

7. If still have any questions, please contact us first.


Water Resistance Depth:30m waterproof,living waterproof,not for swimming or bathing