Thermotherapy Infrared Knee Heating Pad, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation

Would you like to sooth your knee pain? Our heated knee brace is ideal for Pain Relief from Injury

Our new infrared knee heating pad technology provides you with fast and comforting relief. It features innovative ultra-heat to provide consistent warmth.

  • HELP RECOVERY FROM KNEE PROBLEMS. The knee heating wrap provides ultra comfy hot or cold therapy for knee arthritis, helpful on pain relief and injury recovery. Offer both hot and cold therapy, can also be used on calves, thighs, arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps
  • LARGE ENOUGH WON’T SLIDE OFF. The knee brace strap designed two bifurcate straps, hook and loop closure, allowing you to place heat or cold right where you need it. With a built-in mash bag, put an ice bag in, you can use it for cold therapy if needed.
  • KNEE BRACE WRAP. You can also use the wrap without the heat on because it works great as a brace but still allows plenty of movement. The compression alone helps immediately and then heat feels really good. The straps have industrial strength Velcro to hold the wrap in place even when jogging
  • KNEE HEATING PAD ELECTRIC. Can be powered by a rechargeable battery pack (not included), so to get up and move about when needed. 1 button control 3 heating levels, very easy to operate. You literally just hold the button down to turn it on and when it glows red you can press it once or twice more depending on if you want it a bit cooler

Our knee brace is ideal for relieving of muscular aches and joint pains associated with overexertion, strains and sprains, as well as pain due to arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bursitis. The brace design allows the pad to wrap around your knee and stay in place. Our brace uses Thermotherapy, which uses heat to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the sensation of pain.

Our knee pad heats in seconds, to provide you with heat therapy relief when you need it. Our brace may also be used in your calves, thighs, and arms to alleviate your muscle soreness and cramps. Our brace is made of 100% durable fabric, and flexible velcro that allows the brace to adapt to the shape of your body. Our brace is very easy to operate, it has different functions that would change the level of heat, and the USB cable allows you to plug your brace into any USB port. Get the relief that you need. Our brace is easy to carry around, so you may bring it with you to work, use it at home, or even use it in your car.

Knee braces are important in preventing knee injuries and healing. However, strength and flexibility are also important. Combine our soothing brace with gentle stretching of the muscles around your knee, strengthening your legs, and improving your walking, running, and jumping techniques. You may want to explore our other products. Make changes in activity intensity little by little to limit knee stress. Work out an exercise plan with your doctor to get the best program for you. Knee braces help some people more than others, and you should use one if you feel it’s helping you. Nonetheless, don’t let a brace become a “crutch.”

Our heating knee brace is geared towards soothing your pain, and not to give you support during a constant activity like a sport. You might want to consider one of our sports braces. In addition, our braces are not meant to replace medically prescribed braces.


Package Includes: 1x Thermotherapy Infrared Knee Heating Pad, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation