T Rex Skeleton Model

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T-Rex Dinosaurs?

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One of the most widely recognized dinosaur species of all time, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex has been made famous by recurring appearances in film, and video. Dinosaur toys are definitely indispensable, tough shape not only let thechildren feel the strength and life habits of the extinct creature.

This T-Rex Skeleton Model display piece lets you play and learn about dinosaur fossils! You can begin to imagine the enormity of this 20-foot tall creature whose body spanned a full forty feet! Play and learn about dinosaur fossil with this realistic T-Rex Skeleton Model. Great gift idea for dino lovers!

T-Rex Skeleton Model 


  • Soft and realistic texture.
  • Exquisite workmanship, realistic appearance.
  • High-quality / Durable
  • Bubble wash does not fade, non-toxic, no smell, safe and environmentally friendly material