Sous Vide Machine Suvee Cooker

This Sous Vide Suvee Cooker is the perfect device to help you slow cook your favorite food at precise temperatures and cook restaurant style food at home! It works by heating and circulating water in the pot, cooking meats, fish, vegetables and retaining all of their flavors, ensuring the food is moist, juicy and tender. Traditionally, cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out, but with this Sous Vide Cooker, you won't have this problem again! This device is CE & GS, ROHS certified, made from BPA-free materials, and of the highest quality.


 • Professional Tender and Juicy Cooking - The sous vide machine is able to control the cooking temperature to any degree (32°F-203°F) under the boiling point of water. Heats the food to a constant temperature and maintains it - the best way for cooking meats and making them tender and juicy! Recommended temperatures/times: Steak (135°F 1/2hours), Chicken breast (143°F 35 mins), Eggs (167°F 13mins), Carrot (185°F 25mins)


 • Powerful Circulator Heating - At 1000W, the sous vide heats water quickly, and is super fast to get the desired temperature. It maintains the temperature evenly and steadily helps to cook the food at a particular temperature. The improved circulator can also handle much larger amounts of water to allow cooking more food at a time.


 • Easy to Use - This Sous Vide Cooker has a simple two-button, one-knob operation, and is simple to use. You can set the timer to delay the start of cooking time at 4 PM for 2 hours, just in time for dinner at around 6 PM when you get home. Just simply use the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the number on the screen.


 • Reliable and Quiet Operation - To use it, just put the sous vide circulator in any pot and fill with water. There’s a big clip on the back for the pot to make sure it doesn't fall off. The important safety features include low water warning (shuts off when water is too low to prevent burning the unit). It’s also ultra-quiet when in use.


 • Durable Immersion Circulator - The immersion circulator is very solid and firmly fits on to any saucepan. The handle and clip to attach it to a container or pot is comfortable and allows variable fixing positions to different containers. The material is food grade stainless steel which is perfect for cooking healthy meals.