Salad Cutter Bowl Kitchen Gadget Vegetable Fruits Slicer Chopper Washer And Cutter

60 Seconds Salad Cutter Bowl Easy Salad Maker Kitchen Tools Fruit Vegetable Fruits Chopper Cutter Quick Kitchen Accessories 

  • Material: food grade PP
  • Size: 16*10cm/ 6.3*4in
  • Color: white/ green/ blue

   Product Features:

  • High quality food grade material, durable for using and easy to wash;
  • Creative round rotatable design, easy for operating, help you to make salad and vegetale cutting quickly;
  • Exquisite workmanship,it is great to be a gift for your family and friends.


   Operating Instructions:

  • Step 1: put all your ingredients in the strainer bowl, wash it under the water.
  • Step 2: set up the cover and the bowl, and slicer it.
  • Step 3: Rotate the bowl to another direction, slicer it again, it will be ok now, if you enjoy a smaller pieces, just repeat step 3 and slicer several times, your lettuce will more smaller.
  • ​Step 4: put your ingredients and salad dressing together, and enjoy it.

   Package include : salad maker 








The follow is the upgraded version

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