Qi Wireless Fast Charging Led Alarm Clock

Qi Wireless Fast Charging LED Alarm Clock

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1.Telephone Qi wireless charger(Support iOS, Android, Windows wireless charging device)​


3.Time (12/24 hour switch)

4.Alarm clock (3 sets of alarm clocks)

5.Thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit)

 6.Energy saving mode(On/Off)CDBEFGH



Features and instructions

  1. Power on, LED display on with Time and Temperature.

  2. In various modes (except temperature), Press and hold to0 enter the setting state, and adjust the setting digit by press and hold00to up or down the digit rapidly. 


  3. Press 0to switch modes(Time/Date/A1/A2/A3) below, to set the modes you need by 

      long press 0when what’s show up on screen



    A. Setting range: Hour: 1-12hour or 0-23hour; Minute: 00--59

    B. when the dot light up on the upper left corner of the display panel to indicate it’s time for 



    A. Setting range: Month: 1-12; Day: 1-31; Year: 2000-2099

    B. Setting detail: Left idle for 15 seconds it will exit setting status. Dp-1 return directly to Time 

        mode. Dp-2 displays the Date have been set. Dp-3 return to the Date mode, and return to

        the   Time mode after 15 seconds.


    A. There will be a dot light up at the right upper of Minute once the Alarm set.

    B. While It’s time for Alarm, it will automatically return to the Alarm mode with buzzer ringing and 

        Alarm dot keep blinking. Press any button to stop the sound. If no operation on the button,

        the   sound will stop after 60 seconds, the dot will not disappear. 


    A. Power on, automatically detect the current temperature, Normal measurement range is from 

        0℃ to 50 ℃ (32 ℉ - 122 ℉).

    B. Detect temperature every 60 seconds, press DOWN button for 2 seconds to switch between 


    C. Temperature display light up all the time (except Power-saving ON)



    Turn on/off the power-saving function by pressing the “DOWN”button. (ON with display oNSd 

    and OFF shows --Sd). Press twice to switch Standby or Power saving status.

External power-off protection

    If unplug the external power, there would be no display on LED screen and no use for any 

    pressing on any button, but the time function still be on.

Shipping included:

   1 x Wireless Charger Clock

   1 x USB to Micro-USB charging cable(80cm)

     1 x Instruction Manual     (English)