Pro Automatic Tire Inflator - 12V Digital Tyre Compressor

With its 3m cigar-lighter power supply, this Pro Automatic Tyre Inflator is made for taking on the road to keep your tyres firm wherever you go, pumping up an air bed for a comfortable camping trip or even inflating a football for a kick-around in the park. Whatever you’re inflating, this handy device offers the control and convenience to do so with ease.

Set air pressure easily

Use the LCD display of the tyre compressor with simple button controls to set your desired degree of inflation up to 160psi, 1100kPa or 11bar. The digital pressure gauge will detect when the desired air pressure is reached, shutting off the unit automatically to prevent over inflation.

Practical design

With a 3m cigar-lighter 12V power cable and a 54cm inflator hose, you won’t struggle to reach your car tyres or inflatables. Even better, the easy-to-connect Schrader valve with tyre, air bed and ball adapters make sure you can connect to most inflatables effortlessly.

Digital Tyre Compressor Features 

  • This compact and easy to use air compressor is perfect for pumping up car tyres, air beds and other household inflatables
  • Clear, easy to read LCD display and simple controls
  • Schrader valve with tyre, ball and air bed adapters let you quickly connect to most inflatables
  • Pumping stops automatically once desired air pressure has been reached
  • 3m cigar-lighter 12V power supply
  • Inflates in 90 Seconds or Less

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