Pressure Sprayer – Portable Car Washer

Pressure Sprayer – Portable Car Washer cleans your car like a professional. It is 100% brand new and made of lightweight materials to make it portable. Also, it is the most demanded high-pressure cleaner because of its sleek design, portability and usefulness.

In addition, it can actually save a lot of energy and time of yours. Also, it can be powered from your cigarette lighter socket. So, you can it use it anywhere anytime you want. Furthermore, it has an 8m long water pipe. So, you can take water from a fairly long distance. And, you can wash your car from any angle you want. It’s permanent magnet motor high-pressure pump helps you to clean your car properly.

Are you looking for a car washer that is both portable and high-pressure sprayer? Then, look no further! Pressure Sprayer – Portable Car Washer is the one that you are looking for. It has multiple usages. Not only it can be used as a car washer but also it can be used for household cleaning and irrigation. In fact, you can use it anywhere there’s water. Moreover, its 5 different spraying modes will meet your needs in any situation.

Pressure Sprayer – Portable Car Washer is made of ABS, rubber, metal etc. It has an induction motor to create a high-pressure water spray. The best feature of this pressure sprayer is, this high-pressure car washer provides up to 0.5Mpa pressure and it comes with over-current protection. To ensure your safety, the fuse will break automatically when the current surpassed 15A. Ain’t that awesome?