Portable Standing Desk For Laptops

Using a laptop can be uncomfortable on your back, especially when you sit hunched and slumped. But we all know you cannot work on a laptop while you stand. Until now that is...

With this portable standing desk you can easily adjust the height to suit you while you stand up every once in a while.

Sitting for hours hunched over your computer is terrible for your health, especially your back and spine. Normal standing desks cost hundreds of Dollars, but this portable one does the job and costs only a fraction of that.   


  • Fold-able & compact - perfect for travel or easy storing in your home or office
  • Ergonomic sleek design is perfect for use on your bed, sofa, or the neighborhood cafe
  • Made of highly durable ABS plastic and aluminium
  • Easily adjust angles and height
  • Two black non-slip clips prevent the laptop from sliding off
  • Built-in ventilation holes dissipate heat from your laptop 

Get this brilliant and affordable portable standing desk today. Just choose your favorite color above, and click the “Add To Cart” button now to grab yours! 

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