Portable Mini DLP Projector

In this tiny black cube is everything you ever wanted in entertainment — all compacted inside this one box.

When you have this, you don’t need a TV, movie system, DVD player, or anything of the sort. Everything you need, you already have. And that’s your phone or computer. 

Just connect to this mini LED projector via wifi (or ethernet cable), and let it work its magic…

The moment you start a movie or video, this projector will shoot out a gorgeous display of bright colors, and paint your wall with your favorite film. 

With a projection size as small as 7 inches, to a screen as big as 70 inches, this is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, both individual and group gatherings. Plus, with a lamp life of 20000 hours, who knows how many memories and movies this projector will last you…

Use it at home to turn your room into a five-star theater, or take it outside to watch a movie under the stars. This one mini projector can do it anytime, anywhere.


  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC
  • LED light source projects movies, videos, and games in high-quality full-color display
  • Projection size of 7-70 inches makes this great for indoors and outdoors
  • 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in most types of speakers
  • Built-in buttons for ease of use
  • Dimensions: 46mm X 47mm X 48mm / 1.8in X 1.9in X 1.9in

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