Portable Digital Tyre Inflator

Always be well prepared, even when you're driving. This small tyre inflator is about to change the game! Introducing Portable Digital Tyre Inflator , a 12V tyre compressors, to inflate flats and keep your air pressures correct. Portable Digital Tyre Inflator can be applied on both flat tyre or let you check your tyre pressure from time to time. The built-in LED Light enable you to do your work easily when the light intensity especially during night time.

Portable Digital Tyre Inflator inflates/ charges the air of a tyre averagely within 80 seconds. It is a 22 Cylinder air pump with a maximum pressure of 4kg/㎡, air volume of 40L/Min. You can connect and operate the tyre inflator directly to the car lighter plug, the voltage of tyre inflator is 12V, current of 10A and power of 120W.