Pet Life Vest Jacket

Safety is a must! Let your dog have this Pet Life Vest Jacket! 

A life jacket for your dog is not just another accessory; it's an important part of an overall safety program during the summer and is recommended for any pet that spends time around bodies of water and, especially, on boats.

Dogs aregreat swimmer, but even the best paddlers can’t swim for long, and should an unfortunate disaster occur while out at sea, your dog would have no better chance of swimming to safety than you would.

Get yours now! 



  • Pattern: Solid
  • Material: Fiber

Size Guide:

Size Back Length Chest Girth  Neck Girth
XS 20 36-42 32-35
S 27 44-54 34-38
M 33 54-64 43-50
L 40 62-74 48-55
XL 45 72-81 54-60
XXL 50 82-92  62-70