Mini Electric Aluminum Screwdriver with LED Light (18 Piece Repair Tool Kit)

This compact mini electric screw driver is handy when you don't want to carry around a giant screw gun.  It's super strong for it's size and gets most of your jobs done.  Instead of carrying around a regular screw driver which is probably bulkier and bigger than this, you can carry around a smaller tool that is actually electric.  This is extremely handy for people working on electronics or small house projects.

Main Features:
● Aluminium body with LED light
● 7different types of alloy head
● Classic design
● Automatic and manual operation design, ensure hight working efficiency
Powered by 2 x AAA batteries ( Not included )

Operation mode: dual torque 0.2 / 3 N.m
Bit size: 4 x 28mm
Rotating speed: 100RPM ( revolution per minute )
Product: self locking ratchet orientation
Product life: 180 days with 8 hours continuous work