Magic Ice Bucket 120

  • Makes And Stores 120 Small Ice Cubes For Serving At Parties And Keeping Your Drinks Or Cold Treats Chilled!
  • Compact Construction Replaces 10 Ice Trays, Saving You Room In Your Freezer For More Treats!
  • Air-Tight Sealing Design Keeps Your Ice Cubes Fresh And Odor-Free!
Do You Love Chilled Drinks But Just Don’t Have
Freezer Space For Lots Of Ice Trays?

Introducing Our Remarkable New Space-Saving Ice Cube Maker!

Nothing beats a cool, refreshing beverage on a hot day. If you’re like us, ice cubes are the go-to for cooling down our favorite drinks and treats. But what if your fridge doesn’t have an ice maker? You pretty much have 2 choices – use ice trays or buy bags of ice from your local convenience store.

Ice trays take up space and only work if you can get them to sit flatin your freezer because if you don’t the water will roll out or freeze on odd, un-cube shapes. Plus that’s just one ice tray, which typically only makes and stores 12 ice cubes. You’ll need to fit several trays to have enough ice for a party or get-together.

So you could buy bags of ice from the store, but who wants to keep buying frozen water?

Luckily, our neatly designed Ice Cube Maker, made of BPA-free silicone, easily makes and stores up to 120 ice cubes, saving you tons of money, energy, time and freezer space!

Save your money and start using our Space-Saving Ice Cube Maker today!

How Does It Work?