Limited Edition Gecko - High Quality Smartphone Wallet

Featuring an extra tall Lycra pocket that completely cover your cards and cash for total privacy



The GECKO WALLET fits on any phone or case, it is universal. Just clean the surface, peel and stick.

Even to new model phones with glass backs!
(iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 7 matte black/jet black, iPhone 7 plus matte/jet black)

  • The extra tall Lyrca pocket - Completely cover your cards and cash
  • Superior PU Gel Adhesive - Sticks to any material
  • The extra tight "Lip Strap" - An added protection to keep things inside

Frequently asked question:

Q:  Does this just stick to the back of your phone or phone case??

A:  Yes it works great will not come off unless you take it off 


Q:  How do you remove it? And can you then re-stick it?

A:  You can remove it by peeling back any corner carefully. Once removed it can be re-stuck to another phone, phone case, or other object.


Q:  Will this stick to a Galaxy S7 active because of the textured back of the phone?

A:  Yes, it will stick. It does very well on my case that has a textured back.