Legs Posture Corrector

Correct leg posture problem such as O or X-type legs might need to went through surgery, and not everyone can afford the surgery fee.

Well, we have the other option which corrects and improves legs posture.

The Legs Posture Corrector helps you to correct the ugly leg curve formed caused by the bad walking habits.

It also corrects O/X shaped leg to beautify and straighten your leg.


  • ADJUSTABLE: Strap buckles allow you to adjust the belts length according to the size of your legs, which provide a comfortable wear, hook and loop design can secure the belts preventing it slipping off so as to guarantee its normal operation.

  • SOFT KNEE PAD: To reduce the friction from the inside part of legs, smooth polymer fiber can gently stress the legs so as to balance the fats, so that it can protect the inside skin of knee

  • CONVENIENT: It can be use while watching TV , learning, sleep, helps to improve balance and leg strength

  • PROFESSIONAL: Specially designed to correct leg shapes including O legs, X legs, and splay legs,It's a good physical therapy way.


  1. Sit well with feet against wall, reach out arms to extend the greatest. Hold the ankles and bend the upper body, keep 3-5 seconds, repeat 10 times.
  2. Lie down on a flat surface with the inner palms upward, both arms cling to body, thrust the chest forward.
  3. Stretch the ankles to the direction of head.
  4. Repeat 2 & 3.
  5. Based on 4 raise up legs gradually then put down.
  6. Spread the whole body in a relax status. Adjust the breath for 5 seconds then resume the above movement.
  7. This exercise is suitable for 20-30 minutes each time .

Sizing Information:


Package Includes: 

  • 3 X Correction Belts
  • 1 X Knee Pad