LED Warning Safety Flash Light

LED Warning Safely Flash Light


Built-in magnetic sensor - Compatible with all types of vehicle such as car, truck, van, SUV, etc.


This bright warning light will alert the rear vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians when you open the door.

Made of high-quality materialdurable and waterproof, the warning light will function properly even on rainy days. Each warning light can last for 3 years in general.


  • When the door is turned on, it flashes rapidly, warning the rear to avoid the accident occurred.
  • Wireless, just paste on to your car door easily.
  • After 110 seconds of lighting, it will be off automatically.
  • Waterproof cap and build in the high-tech component sensor, long service life.
  • Powered by a button battery, easy to replace by yourself.


  • 2PCS x LED Warning Safely Flash Light (5 LED)