Laser Engraving Machine


  • Intelligent Laser Engraving Machine features the function of print carving and is more practical than a normal engraving machine. Made out of brushed gunmetal and weighing in at under 4 pounds, this mini laser engraver is the ultimate portable high precision, high stability DIY engraver. It supports both offline & online operation.


    Easy To Use

    Step 1: There are two cables to plug in to your computer's USB port - one for the power and one for the software. (You can also use an external power bank)

    Step 2: Install provided software.

    Step 3: Drag in your image and adjust to your preference. Your desired design is now stored in the engraver for use without the computer.

    Step 4: Set your item up inside the machine. You can use rubberbands to hold your item in place.

    Step 5: Put on provided safety glasses and start engraving. You can also use the red button on the top to preview your design, start engraving, or stop engraving.

    Compact And Portable - Engrave Anywhere

    The engraver is as big as a basketball, at 5.7 inches wide, 6.3 inches long, and 7.5 inches tall... so you can engrave on the go. It has a high quality metal frame that's unique and lightweight, weighing under 4 pounds, making it portable and perfect for use at home.

    Cutting Edge High Power, Resolution, and Speed

    This engraver features a 1000 mW laser head operating at 6500 rotational speed and light automatic positioning to be able to engrave 10 times faster and more precisely than many engravers.

    It also allows you to engrave on more types of materials, including hard wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, cut paper, and so on!

    A Personal, Professional, And Precise Engraver

    It's extremely precise with a professional power IC and radiator, meaning your engraving will last much longer than other lasers and give you uniform striking power and the perfect image, every time!

    It has 4 built-in stiffeners, 108 screws, and a light alloy structure combined with a ventilated and easy to replace laser tube for maximum reliability, so you can engrave as many things as you'd like.

    Safe And Reliable

    This engraver has intelligent temperature controls and a heat exhaust system, making it long lasting, safe, and great for those just starting out! There's also a safety button that'll allow you to preview the carve before you start or quickly pause the engraving whenever you need to.

  • Frame Material Acrylic + aluminum + stainless Steel
    Power 1000mW
    Laser Wavelength 405nm
    DPI 350dpi
    Temperature 400 degree celsius
    Support Software Laser carver
    Image Size 512 x 512 pixels
    Caving Space 38 x 38 x 70 mm
    Engrave Mode Bitmap carving
    Image Formats JPEG, BMP (24 bit only), TIFF, PNG (32 bit or less), PCX (8 bit and 24 bit RLE), PCD
    Supporting OS Win XP, win7, win8, win10, Mac OS 10.9 and above*
    Input Dual USB(5V)
    Voltage 4.2-5.5V
    Product Weight 970g
    Package Weight 1415g
    Product Size (L x W x H) 145 x 160 x 190 mm
    Package Size (L x W x H)

    300 x 200 x 210 mm


    What you get: 1x Engraving Machine, 1x Safety Laser Protective Glasses, 1x Allen Wrench (for maintenance), 2x USB Cables, 1x Software CD, 1x User Manual

    WARNING: This product is NOT A TOY. Please always wear your included protective goggles, and do not stare into the laser directly or try to engrave on your own body. Keep away from children. Please read the provided manuals to be safe and engrave responsibly.