Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun for Baby&Adults

Temperature gun can not only measure human body temperature, ensure the health of family, but also measure the temperature of articles, such as food, room temperature, milk bottle and so on.


  • Made of environmentally friendly PP materials,using imported high sensitive sensors, accurate chips, automatic calculation, rapid temperature measurement to understand the changes in body temperature, to master your health.
  • Humanized non-contact measurement that can observe the patient's physical condition without affecting the patient's rest. Effective measurements range from 2 "to 6"
  • Backlight LCD digital display, Lightweight and portable for use.
  • Built-in laser pointer, precise non-contact infrared measurement.
  • 2 temperature units for conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius, long press "MODE" more than 3s.
  • Measurement modes selection for various needs conveniently.
  • Body temperature measurement: aiming towards the forehead with the distance of 5-15cm.
  • Easy observation whether fever, green backlight for normal body temperature, orange backlight for higher body temperature, red backlight for fever.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight:123g
  • Color: random (purple, green, blue)
  • Display Resolution: 0.1°C(0.1°F)
  • Body Temperature Measurement: 32.0-42.9°C / 90-109.4°F
  • Ambient Temperature Measurement: 0-100°C / 32-140°F
  • Accuracy: (+/-)0.2°C(0.6°C error is allowed due to the infrared test and environment effect)
  • Measurement Distance: 5 to 15cm(within 5cm is the best)
  • Auto-shutdown Time: About 7s
  • Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries(NOT Included)
  • Operating Temperature: 10-40°C / 50-104°F
  • Storage Temperature: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
  • Relative Humidity: ≤90%
  • Size: 35 * 85 * 150mm
  • Package List:
    • 1 * IR Thermometer
    • 1 * Manual