Infrared Heated Neck Massager

Nothing beats having a massage, and it is the best way to relax - relieving any muscle tensions, pain or stiffness...

However, heading to a massage parlor often requires a pretty high level of commitment, time and money.

Wouldn’t it be great and extremely ideal to have a massage session whenever you want it, whether you are at work or just lounging around at home?

This Infrared Heated Neck Massager is the perfect solution that requires absolutely no effort, just sit back and enjoy!

The Infrared Heated Neck Massager is versatile and is not limited to massage only your neck, simply place it over your waist, legs, calves or wherever that is aching and its 360° kneading function will start easing that area.

Additionally, what makes this unique is the infrared heating function!

It mimics your hot stone massages, simply turn on the heating function and start feeling that warmness on your skin that is guaranteed to teleport you to a sense of euphoria! Ahh.

Technical Details 

Shell: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex 

Filling: 100% EVA material

Care: clean only with soft brush


Connect the output port of power adapter to the massager plug. If used in a car, connect the output port of cigarette lighter to the massager plug.

Press the power switch of the control panel. The massager starts to work.

Press the direction button, the massager's heads rotate in reverse repeatedly.

Press the infrared button, start infrared heating function.

After use, turn off the massager then disconnect the plug.