Gel Manicure Kit

Gel Manicure Kit is the perfect choice to get started on your own Gel Nail Extensions!

With new professional designed UV+LED dual light source, Delux Super nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels!

Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin.

Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime, ideal for both home and salon use.

This is a nail dryer can help you to solve all the curing problem!


  • Easy to clean:  The lamp base can be removed,which make it more convenient to clean. Saving time! And no bothers!

  • Long Usage Life: This UV Nail Lamp has a 50,000-hour usage life. You can keep it for a rather long time and no need to repurchase in a short time.

  • More Space: Due to the Detachable  Base,the LED Gel Nail Polish Dryer Machine is bigger enough for curing whole hand or 2 hands or curing toenail.

  • Safety Design: This nail lamp simulates the sun's rays, which can better protect the skin of the hands and prevent the hands from blackening. The soft light does not hurt eyes. Your first choice!

  • Multi functional and Adjustable : For curing fingernail or toenail and with automatic sensor for curing 99s or 2 timing setting 30s/60s. Let’s enjoy nail art at anytime and anywhere!

Here's how it works:

1) Use a nail file to clean and prepare your nail surface

2) Select suitable shape and size of Crystal Nail Form Tips. 

3) Apply one thin layer of Base Coat to your nail

4) Cure for 60 secs. under LED UV Lamp

5) Using Nail Gel Applicator Pen and Nail Gel Slip Solution apply Super Poly Nail Gel to your chosen Crystal Tips

6) Apply gelled Crystal Nail Form Tip to your nail with firm pressure

7) Cure for 60 secs. under LED UV Lamp

8) Remove Crystal Nail Form leaving behind your new gel nail extension

Trim & polish your nail

9) Apply No-Wipe Topcoat as required and..

10) Cure for 60 secs. under LED UV Lamp

Ta-Dah! Beautiful strong nails!!

    The Gel Manicure Kit Includes:

    • 48W nail lamp * 1
    • High quality Gel polish * 6
    • Steel pusher * 1
    • Sanding file * 1
    • File buffer * 1
    • 4 way nail file * 1
    • Dead skin fork * 1
    • Plastic Nail Art Off Cap Clip * 5
    • Soak off Base gel polish * 1
    • Soak off Top coat gel polish * 1
    • 12 colors of rhinestones * 1
    • 12 colors of pearl * 1
    • Cuticle Oil * 1
    • Nail clippers * 1
    • Pink Clean Brush * 1
    • Nail glue * 1
    • Fashion Nail Sticker * 2
    • Sheet French Tips * 3
    • Nail polish Remover * 8
    • Rolls Nail Tape Lines * 10