Foldable Electric Scooter

The minimal yet modern design of  Foldable Electric Scooter has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot "Best of the Best" Award, as well as the iF Design Award 2017!


Weighing only 12kg (26.9lbs), portable and folding design for easy storage at home or hand carry when necessary (3 seconds quick folding design), and the sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum - is what makes it the best of the best.



Powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with a battery capacity of 280Wh and offering an overlong cruising distance of 30km (18.6 miles).  The 250W motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The Kinetic energy recovery system converts kinetic energy into electric energy and offers a better battery life. Always know your battery condition through the APP downloaded in your mobile phone.



The electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. The front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear wheel uses mechanical disk brake. The braking distance can be shortened to 4 meters, making your riding much safer.



Six protection functions: short-circuit protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, low-voltage protection, and temperature anomaly protection.



Smart system support mobile phone APP, shutdown, vehicle information, GPS positioning, mode adjustment, mileage accumulation, travel track habits, riding speed, battery life, and so much more. 


There are 4 LED lights displaying the battery capacity.



  • Tire Size: 8 inch
  • Power: 201-500w
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Charging Time: 5 Hours
  • Battery: LG 
  • Voltage: 42V
  • Range Per Charge: 30KM
  • Expanded Size: 1080mm 430mm * 1140mm
  • Folded Size: 1080mm 430mm * 490mm
  • Frame material: Lightweight Magnesuim-aluminium alloy
  • Max Speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
  • Product Weight: Approx. 12.5kg / 26.9lbs
  • Battery: 7800mAH
  • Model: Xiaomi M365
  • Software Support: Download APP From Android/iOS store
  • Smart BMS Overpressure/under voltage/short circuit/overheating protection, auto sleep/awake, test the battery condition through APP



Minimalist geometric design

So that the foot of the US freedom to walk through


Design is not only the appearance, but also by the ingenuity and ingenuity


Xiaomi electric scooter, from the frame to the accessories are unified and simple geometric design language, minimalism in the design of the appearance, but also carefully consider the user when using every detail of feeling. Operation of the design of a simple easy-to-use one-button button, and even the direction of the connection and color are repeated scrutiny modifications, just to make it a good resistance with the scooter.

When you ride on the road, docked at home or next to the station, it is simple and elegant contours can bring you a good visual senses. 



From the early morning ...


Fresh air, full of dew, crisp birds,

Along with these beautiful,

Give yourself a beautiful reason,

lets go!




Standing tall and straight, but also elegant folding


A wave of a button, 3 seconds fast folding, solid and convenient


Innovative folding design, the bell hook and the rear fender hook clever combination, in ensuring the overall appearance of the design

The language of the case to achieve the folding card position, both to solve the user handling and storage of the trouble, but also follows the minimalist appearance

Design of the original intention. Selection of high-grade folding bike-level folding body, safe, durable and difficult to shake.



Elegant, more bones of the solid light


Aviation-grade aluminum alloy body, light to 12.5kg, easy travel


Mimi home electric scooter use of aviation-grade aluminum alloy as the main load-bearing material, with a lower density but higher strength characteristics,

And has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Net weight of about 12.5kg, whether it is working or living environment can easily take.




Non-slip handle design, grip comfortable and intimate


Anti-slip-type sets of auxiliary, even if long riding is not easy to fall.

Push the throttle, riding speed free control


Select the push-throttle throttle, a touch to accelerate, easy and comfortable control.


Power display


Control buttons at the top of the 4 LED power indicator lights, boot power situation at a glance.

A button, a variety of games are played [2]


Press the switch for 2 seconds or more to turn off the vehicle; after the vehicle is turned on, press the switch briefly: turn on / off the running lights; After the vehicle is turned on, press the switch twice in succession: Toggles between normal mode and power saving mode.




Return to the rest of the night ...


Gorgeous neon, the aroma of coffee, lively streets,

Relax all day long tired,

Peace of mind to enjoy this free air,

To the night a touch of bright red!




Tail warning light

A touch of red in the night


A bright red warning light in the rear will accompany you in the dark, pressing the brake handle on weekdays to remind pedestrians and vehicles through non-stop flashing.



Xiaomi electric scooter, equipped with ventilated disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system, can achieve efficient braking fast response, braking distance as short as 4 meters [3], riding safely more peace of mind.



8.5 inch front and rear pneumatic tires, excellent shock absorption, most urban roads and deceleration with smooth passage, wear non-slip round surface, to help you move forward steadily. 250W brushless DC motor, to achieve stable power output, bringing a soft ride comfort experience.




30 km long life

This is all the way forward momentum


LG battery power, intelligent battery management system, 6 large intelligent protection


Using high-security 18650 lithium-powered lithium batteries, high-powered high-power, safe and durable performance.

Intelligent battery management system to inform you through the mobile phone battery health of APP, in case of problems can be promptly reminded.




Energy recovery system

Kinetic energy into electrical energy, longer-lasting battery life


Mimi home electric scooter equipped with a car used in the energy recovery system. In the process of moving, press the brake or release the throttle dial, will start the energy recovery system, some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage, and to re-use. The energy recovery system enhances the user's experience of emergency braking and, at the same time, recovers energy to help increase endurance.