Extendable Fill Up Paint Roller

Always finding your house a mess after painting your wall? Worry no more! with our  Amazing Extendable Paint Roller you can paint every part of your wall while keeping your house clean!



  • No more strain! - Comes with a number of extension poles which allows you the freedom and flexibility to extend up to 37" for those hard to reach areas such as stairs hallways, ceilings and etc.
  • Time Saving! - The Paint roller system holds over 1 litre of paint and you will find it simple and quick to fill using the paint jug which is provided with this product.
  • No dipping, no dripping and no mess! - The roller is of a high quality and very durable and is guaranteed to provide a totally professional finish on textured, smooth and flat surfaces.
  • Use it indoors or Outdoors no problem and it will control paint flow allowing you to minimize waste economically.


  • Material: PP, Aluminum, High-Density Blanket
  • Transparent Cup - 8cm x 15cm
  • Paint Roller - 19cm x 20cm (diameter - 9cm)
  • Handle Rods - 72cm


  • 1  Paint Roller Brush
  • 1  Transparent Cup
  • 3  Handle Rods