Electric Window Cleaner


Window cleaning doesn't need to be difficult anymore! The all new innovating window cleaning technology, the Electric Window Cleaner is a lightweight, portable and essential tool for cleaning windows streak-free inside and outside the home! This window cleaner is capable of cleaning windows with one, simple motion, this window cleaner is fast and handy, providing you with a streak-free finish from beginning to end. 
Electric Window Cleaner are ergonomically designed to help reduce strain, this is not only easier but more hygienic as it eliminates direct contact with the dirty water. Powerful yet gentle, this window vac is versatile inside and outside the home, perfect for cleaning window exteriors and interiors or tackling glass-surface furniture and mirrors. 
The long-life, battery-powered cleaner simplifies window washing, saving you time and effort no matter how large the task may be. With its cordless powered suction, the annoyance of dripping is a thing of the past and its clever wiper and vacuum combination ensures effective cleaning and streak-free windows.


Output: 5.5V/12W

Input: 110V/220V

Battery: 3.3V lithium 2000 mAh

Charging hour: 2 hours

Working hour: 35-40 minutes
Detergent Tank: 120ml
Dirt Liquid Tank: 70ml



Package Includes:

1 X Electric Window Cleaner
1 X Window Cleaning Mop