Electric Massage Face Cleanser - USB Rechargeable with Vibration

Electric Massage Face Cleanser Silicone T-sonic USB Rechargeable with Vibration

The size of a cotton pad, Electric Massage Face Cleanser is packed full of powerful cleansing goodness.

Giving your effective yet gentle skincare, its unique silicone touch-points combined with subtle T-Sonic vibrations help shift 99.5% of dirt, oil and make-up.

If you're new to cleansing brushes, Electric Massage Face Cleanser is a great affordable introduction and if you can't live without your Electric Massage Face Cleanser, this device is a must-have for your make-up kit or gym bag.

Suitable For All Skin Types

It's sleek and simple Swedish design is easy on the eye, but it also gives you a 2-zone cleansing solution.

Its finer touch-points cleanse sensitive or normal skin on larger areas like your forehead and cheeks.

The thicker touch points give a deep and precise cleansing to areas like your T-zone.

Even though it is the size of a cotton pad, it channels 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations every minute.

Waterproof and 35X more hygienic than other cleansing brushes, Electric Massage Face Cleanser is perfect for daily use.


Silicone T-sonic Facial Cleansing Washing Brush Blackhead Acne Removal USB Rechargeable Electric Vibration Massage Face Cleaner


Small, portable and fashion, exquisite appearance, easy to use, easy to carry.
Suitable for all of your facial deep cleaning pore exfoliating blackhead Anti-aging.
Silicone sonic vibration, no irritating, for all skin types.
No brush heads replacement required, easy to clean, health and safety.

Material: Silicone
Color: rose red, light pink, sky blue
Item Size: 80×30×80mm
Model: JMY04 
Vibration Frequency: 6000RPM
Massage Battery capacity: 200mAh
Charging: USB

Package Included:
1 x Facial Cleaner