Electric Heated Gloves For Men & Women

These amazing Electric Heated Gloves are the perfect companion during extremely cold weather conditions. They provide comfort and enough heat for you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities even in the coldest weather. 


Key Features:

 • Electronically heated winter gloves, perfect for any outdoor activity.

 • Carbon fiber heating element, optimally placed in the hand for quick warm up and even distribution of heat across the hand and fingers.

 • Breathable membrane built in protects hands and system from harsh conditions.

 • Soft shell of inedible durability and element protection.

 • Offers up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth from harsh winter weather.


These heated gloves liners are water resistant and windproof and will keep your hand warm, dry and cozy at all times. They also help to increase the blood flow to prevent your hands from getting pain and numb in sub-zero temperatures.