Electric Eyes Massager Vibration Infrared Heating Therapy


How would you like to have your own personal masseuse without breaking your pocket?! Now you can relax and get rid of all your stress by wearing this massaging device. You can use it everywhere- at home, in your office or while travelling.

How does it work?

This magical eye massager can stimulate blood circulation, relieve nervousness, and minimize wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles. This helps you calm down instantly and relieve stress. This device is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia and migraine pain. It also works for those who stay up late and uses computers, cellular phones for a long time.

Product Feature:

  • Provides air pressure and vibration with heat compression.

  • Helps alleviate eye fatigue, pain, stress and puffiness around eyes.

  • Helps relieve migraine pain and protects eye muscle from hurting.

  • Perfect RELAXATION GIFT for family and friends.

  • 180° foldable design

Product Specification:

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Mode: Air-pressure, Infrared light heating, Frequency vibration, Music

Material: Cotton, ABS

Voltage: AC 110-240V, 8W

Function: Relieving eyestrain, eye fatigue, pain, stress and puffiness

Grab your dream massager right now!!!

This eye massager helps you relax and improves your sleep. With the eye-massager you will really feel like you have your own masseuse! Purchase now or add to cart to grab your dream massager! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!