Digital Microscope 3in1 USB 1000X Magnifier HD video camera

Perfect for kids, hobbyists, and professionals. The 3in1  Digital microscope allows you to work quickly and effectively at a microscopic level.

Track your findings with the snap button feature. Take HD pictures and videos with a push of a button to then save your work on your chosen device. 



  • 1000X USB DIGITAL MICROSCOPE: With the help of high power 1000x digital microscope, you can see details clearly from the objects including creatures, coins, butterflies, integrated circuit boards, skin, PCB, leaves and other things you want to observe, great for all ages.
  • 3 IN 1 USB, TYPE-C, MICRO USB PLUG: USB Microscope Compatible with multiple devices including cellphone, desk computer, Laptop, Mac computer and multiple operating systems including Windows xp/vista/7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or later and Android 4.2 or later (with OTG function). good for taking images and videos to track your findings. (is not compatible with iPhone)

    • EASY TO USE: Download the software, plug and play, you can even use the Microscope through your mobile phone.
    • VIDEO AND PHOTO: Not only can the microscope be used to observe objects, but also can be used to capture screenshots and even take a video through the software. Besides you can use the Windows software’s measurement function to gain exact measurements.
    • EIGHT ADJUSTABLE BUILT IN LED LIGHTS: You can see objects you want to observe clearly in dim light condition, adjustable light level so you can adjust the light to your preference.


    STEP 1:  Download corresponding software for your devices (Follow guide within the manual for each device).

    STEP 2:  Open the software and connect the USB microscope, and make sure the LED lights turn on.

    STEP 3: The microscope is ready to use (Recommend starting off at minimum zoom to become familiar with the focus).

    Photo Capture and Video Shoot

    Press the Snap button to capture the photo.

    Use the software to shoot a video.

    More convenient to share and show your observation.



    PC Computer, Laptop: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or later

    Tablet, Smart Phones: Android 4.2 or later (iPhone and ios not compatible)



    Microscope Stand

    Light source: 8 LED

    Cable Length:150cm

    HD resolution:640x480p

    Photo format: JPEG or BMP

    Zoom Magnification:50-1000x

    Power source: 5V DC from

    USB port Interface Plug:USB, Type-c,



    • 1 x user manual
    • 1 x USB microscope
    • 1 x CD disk
    • 1 x digital microscope stand