Car LED Glow Strips

Be extra bright and visible on the road preventing car accidents.

Introducing CAR LED GLOW STRIPS, the AWSOME car accessory that will also keep you SAFE while driving!

Car LED Glow Strips is a DECORATION LIGHT STRIPS for CAR EXTERIOR that can REDUCE the TRAFFIC ACCIDENT rate by 12.4%. This STRIPS is 4mm THICK and can be INSTALLED in the GAP between the HEADLIGHTS and ENGINE HOOD with just an ADHESIVE TAPE. No need for screw, tools, or disassembling. This LED lights has a no dead and dark spots making it BRIGHTER than the STOCK HALOGEN headlight bulb. Lights are AUTOMATICALLY WHITE when the TURN SIGNAL is OFF, and it turns to YELLOW when the turn signal is ON making it still easy to see the original LIGHT SIGNALS of your car.

Car LED Glow Strips is made of SOFT RUBBER TUBE with GOOD SEAL making it WATER-PROOF. It has NO GLARE. It is DURABLE and has strong STABILITY. It can hold on to ANY WEATHER. It is SUITABLE for any car model and also APPLICABLE for motorbikes lights.


Car LED Glow Strips is EASY to INSTALL without the need to disassemble the headlights. It just requires you to connect the right positive and negative side: RED WIRE for positive and BLACK WIRE for negative and YELLOW WIRE for the left and right turn signals (positive), Stick the strip lights to your desired angle in the headlights.