Baby Nest For Newborn And Toddlers – Baby Sleeping Pod

The Baby Nest For Newborn And Toddlers – Baby Sleeping Pod gives your baby a cozy and comfy place to sleep, and everyone knows that when the baby sleeps calmer, so does the parents! Use the baby nest when you wish to put him close to you when you’re on the couch, in the baby cot, cradle, or in between you the parents. This sleeping pod for babies allows your baby to sleep soundly all night long. It is also a great way to transition from mom’s abdomen to cot. You can put your little one on the baby nest between you on your bed without any worries because of the high, soft edges which also offers full adjustability with its strings so you can make it more narrow, wider or simple untie the string and let the edges open up to make the perfect sleeping area for your baby!

The shape and design of the Baby Nest For Newborn And Toddlers – Baby Sleeping Pod is made to be reminiscent of the mother’s womb. So now that the baby is outside of it, he or she can still feel safe and secure like he was before. It also allows the baby to enjoy a more deep sleep while reducing the frequency and necessity of holding and lulling them. The toddler and newborn baby nest are made of breathable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. 100% cotton fabric is used for a soft, breathable and non-irritating feel. The internal filters are also specifically made to be hypoallergenic so the baby or anyone else doesn’t suffer from any allergies or mites, making it safe for baby’s health. The lightweight design and easy to use features make this baby nest a portable must-have.

General Advice:

  • Baby nest can be used in the bed between parents, in a baby cot, a cradle or in a pram.
  • If used as co-sleeping recommended position is at adult head level.
  • Place the nest on a flat surface, on a safe distance from edges/ bed edges.
  • Place the baby on its back. Pull the string on the Baby nest to adjust the nest to be narrow and cozy. Put the string under the mattress. The string lock should always be at the beds feet end.
  • Never carry your baby around in Baby nest.
  • Please note that soft objects such as pillows, quilts, and stuffed toys should be kept out of the babies sleeping environment.


  • Make sure the baby is not getting too warm.
  • Never leave babies that are able to roll or crawl unattended on the baby nest, especially when used on either a flat or raised surface.
  • Intended for babies up to 4-6 months of age.
  • Does not replace an approved car seat.
  • Do not share a bed with your baby if you are a smoker, have been drinking alcohol, if you take medication or drugs that make you drowsy, or if you feel exhausted.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Take out the foam padding and wash it separately by hand in 40 degrees water then dry it on a flat surface or on a line. Then wash the whole cover in the washing machine at good 40 °C.
  • DO NOT tumble dry the nest.
  • Make sure that the adjusting string knot is tied properly.