Baby Love - 3D Plaster Handprints/Footprints

Your baby will be growing up soon. Capture their precious moments while they last! 

Tiny baby hand and feet are so tiny and fascinating, and a baby casting kit is a perfect way for you to create exact 3D replicas of them, making baby keepsakes that you can treasure forever!

This hand and foot casting kit will allow you to create perfect impressions of tiny toes or cute, wrinkly hands before they become giant, smelly teenagers!

The high-quality molding and casting powder mean your cast will last a lifetime so you can continue to share your precious memories with your children.

Capture every detail of your little one when you buy today!

  • High-quality molding and casting powder.
  • 100% safe for babies.
  • Preserve every precious detail of your baby: wrinkles, lines, fingernails, toes.
  • Perfect baby shower gift.
  • Safety to use, non-toxic, non-allergenic, 100% biodegradable.
  • A fun and memorable activity for family and friends to last a lifetime!

Package Includes: 1 x Plaster, 1 x Molding Powder

Take clone powder 50 grams, add 50 grams volume of water mixed, rapid mixing, then cloning powder and water mixture into a purple paste liquid.
Stir it about 1 minute or so, purple gradually receded, immediately put baby's little hands or feet into the liquid.
Pay attention to baby's little hands or feet must be soaked in the liquid inside, do not stick to the walls of the cup, while ensuring that the baby's hand or feet do not move.
About 2 and a half times the liquid will solidify, please keep 4 minutes and then remove the baby's hand or feet, can be removed before and after the move, let the air go, slowly removed.
Take the model powder 50 grams, add 1 / 3-1 / 2 of water, water do not put too much, as long as the powder and water mixture into a liquid, the more concentrated the better, even after mixing, slowly poured into the colloid.

Material: Biodegradable powder
Color: White
Net weight: 100g + 100