3D Holographic Air Fan Display

3D Holographic Air Fan Display - LATEST 3D EFFECT TECHNOLOGY

3D Holographic Air Fan Display - The image does not have borders and backgrounds, it makes you feel that it appears completely in the air and creates the best attraction for your products or events. Widespread use in department stores, shopping malls, casinos, bars, signs for the railway station.


Stand out from your competitors. 3D Holographic Air Fan Display is much more than just "a cool thing." It is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated seamlessly into your business, providing you with a complete media planning system and helping you outshine the competition in the industry.


 For security purposes, hologram fans must be installed 6.5 feet or higher on the wall. Do not touch the fan blades while the battery is running or testing. 

Item Description:

Inpute Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60 HZ

Power: 10-15W

Viewing Angle:160 degree

File Format: mp4 / avi / rmvb / gif / jpeg / png

LED Quantity: 224pcs

LED Working Life: 10000hours

Resolution: 450*224px

Color: Black

Product Size: 42*13*11 cm


Package Included:

1* host

1* power plug

1*memory card (8G)

1* memory card reader

1* remote control (Battery Not Included)

1* holder

4* screw


Support common video, animation, and image display

The product is suitable for indoor use. If you need to use it outside, be equipped with a protective cover

The product recommended to be installed above 3.5M, otherwise the protective cover should be fitted.

Custom video and pattern editing, memory card with pattern editing software

Editing software suitable for windows xp / windows 7 / windows 8 / windows 10

The SD memory card includes the software.