3 IN 1 Multi-functional Air Purifier & Bacteria Eliminator

Protect you and your family from unwanted airborne bacteria and diseases with the smart 3 in 1 Bacteria eliminator and purifier. 

Find you are always catching those pesky colds, sore throats, hayfever. These symptoms are all caused by microscopic bacteria within the air that you breathe and without purifiers you naturally will be prone to catching these unwanted symptoms that make their way into your system through the impure air that you breathe.

Though not harmful to adults some bacteria we ingest just through breathing can cause major problems for the vulnerable (newborns, elderly, suffering with an illness)


  •  ELIMINATES 99.9% OF BACTERIA: All known airborne bacteria will be immediately stopped in it's tracks using the high strength ultra-violet radiation. Which breaks the chain of RNA & DNA of living micro-organisms to lose the ability to multiply & survive sterilisation & disinfection. Ultimately leaving your home germ free. 
  • FILTER FOR SAFER AIR: The HEPA filter with microfiber technology will capture 99.97% of all Dust particles, pollen, pet dander, smoke,mould spores, odours, and allergens as small as o.2 microns. so you can almost guarantee your home will be nothing but pure air that you and your family breathe.

  • SILENT DESIGN: Unlike some other purifiers you can get on the market it's mute operation will allow you to sleep or work uninterruptedly without annoying humming or clicking. Also makes the purifier great for using in a nursery for your new born. 
  • C.C.F.L LIGHT:  In Mosquito and fly mode the light is to simulate the human temperature luring pests, trapping them within the shaft creating enough heat to kill which to humans is ultra safe, healthy and quite. Suitable for pregnant,elderly & children keeping the whole family safe. 


  1. When using mosquito mode, try to turn off the light or dim the light within the chosen area to avoid unwanted interference from other light sources as this will allow the C.C.F.L. light to work at maximum capacity.                             
  2. When the product is using the light in mosquito mode it is strictly forbidden for the eyes to look at the lamp light for a long period of time as this may cause any unnecessary dizziness and strain.                                                                       
  3.   Please keep out or reach of children.                                                            
  4.   Please do not put any objects, metal or fingers into the body of the purifier to avoid accidents.                                                                                           
  5.  For maximum usage please change the filter every 6 months.